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DC concert! 10/29/11

David Cook/Gavin DeGraw Concert~Saturday, October 29th, 2011 at the Arena Theatre


Ah the day began kind of bad, so I was a bit upset. One of the things I was upset about was the fact that my tickets for the show didn’t arrive in the mail in time! RIDICULOUS! And I was all paranoid that for some reason they wouldn’t give me a replacement ticket and…yeah, I was just freaking out. Sooo day wasn’t off to a good start.


Anyways, there were awesome VIP passes that could’ve been had for me…if only I had oodles of money. It definitely would’ve been an amazing experience if I could’ve done the VIP…but I’m a broke college student and we had spent enough money on the tickets alone. So unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the many who did the VIP. SIGHHH.


SOOO, my parents and I left to go to the venue around 5ish, and got there at about 5:45ish, in which I rushed to the box office window to get the replacement tickets! Luckily, there was no hassle and I GOT MY TICKETS! HOORAY! So I was just all uber excited.


Then we went and stared at the merch table…praying they would accept credit card or else we wouldn’t have been able to get anything. (Luckily they did!) I had known beforehand that if you spent $45, you could get an aftershow meet & greet with David & Gavin, but I just assumed my mom wouldn’t go for it because it was still a lot, and plus, I just always thought both of would meet David (because she loves him a lot too!) and so we would’ve had to had to spend $90 then. Well anyways, as we were at the merch table, she was like “wellll, it could be your Christmas present.” So my mom let me get the shirt, poster & CD $45 bundle and I got the nifty green wristband that would allow me to meet David & Gavin after the show!! <3 I LOVE MY MOM.


Anywayssss, fast forward to the show:


IT WAS ALL SO TOTALLY AWESOME! Carolina Liar was great…they have some pretty hot band members…haha.


Gavin was awesome too! Before, I always felt pretty neutral about him, but now I definitely would say I am a fan!


And of course David was just awesome sauce! There was one point where my mom screamed out “Love You David!” and then he ended up saying “Love you too-whoever said that.” It was just great! 

Oh also, the stage was round and like was rotating the whole time…it was SOO odd! haha.


Anyways, David sangggg: (this is mostly for my own personal reference, since I plan to look back on all my concert recaps later in life, haha)

Mr. Sensitive
Paper Heart
Come Back to Me
The Hand that Feeds (Nine Inch Nails cover)
Let Me Fall for You
I Did it for You
The Last Goodbye
We Believe
Light On
Fade Into Me (acoustic)
Rapid Eye Movement


Ah David just sounded fantastic. Especially so during “Lie.” Ahhh I love this man! I was slightly saddened that he didn’t sing some songs that I was hoping he would sing, but whatever…he still put on a fantabulous show!


He talked a lot! I can’t even remember now, a day later, exactly what he talked about. He like forced everyone to stand up (even walked out into the crowd and around the whole arena!). He mentioned how his Dad was there (who I stood next to earlier before the Gavin’s set! I thought it was him at the time…and now David verified it!) He also mentioned a couple’s 50th anniversary who was in the audience. He also talked with this girl who claimed she was Mrs. DeGraw, and ended up pulling her and her DC fan friends up on stage haha. It was sweet. David was just so chatty, I can’t even remember everything.


Also, the band was great as always! Andy was looking quite adorable! And ahh Monty is Monty! And Kyle was being a total beast on the drums! Oh and Devin was sooo cute!! They were all spectacular!




So after the concert, I got in the line for the meet & greet, which was a super long line. They first took us back in the arena, but then outside…yeahhh eventually they put us where they wanted us lol.


And while I was waiting in line, I discovered that I had previously met the 2 women in front of me at the Idol Season 7 concert, 3 years ago! It was crazy! They kinda were looking at and I was kinda looking at them because they looked so familiar and then I finally realized it was at the Idols concert. A little bit later, I finally just was like “Have we met before?” and they were like YESSSS. haha it was amazing! I It’s always awesome seeing familiar faces! During the show, I saw some other DC friends too! :D


Anyways, so I’m finally approaching David & Gavin. I go up to Gavin first since he was closest, and David was still chatting away with the people in front of me.


I think my conversation with Gavin went something like this:


Me: “Hi Gavin, could you sign my ticket?”


Gavin: “Sure, baby. What’s your name, baby?”


Me: “Nicole” and we sorta shook hands, and then I was like “Can I get a hug?” so then he was like “sure baby!” and we hugged! haha


Then he finally was able to sign my ticket haha.


Then I turned to David, hugged him, and I was like “Hi David. You were so awesomely spiffy tonight!” and he was just all “AWW THANKSSS!!”


I also sorta rubbed his back when I hugged him…this is getting ridiculous. I seem to do this subconsciously to all the Idols I meet these days…




So then we made a David/Nicole/Gavin sandwich and they took a picture. I got a half hug from David for a goodbye, (didn’t really get to say anything, because he started talking to the next people in line), and thanked him and Gavin. (Gavin was being all like “no problem, baby” LOL)


So I started walking away, and then I realized I forgot to have David sign my CD cover. so I was just like “OH DAVID. COULD YOU SIGN THIS?!” And I handed it to him and he quickly signed his amazing signature. I thanked him again (I think I thanked them both many, many times lol) and then I had to walk awayyy. OH THE PAIN OF WALKING AWAY.

Anyways, they both were soo sweet and adorable! Gavin might’ve been slightly intoxicated though…lolol.


Overall, a marvelous night!! J




American Idol Season 10 Concert~Thursday, July 21st, 2011


It was our 7th year in a row of going to an American Idols concert. We’ve been going every year since Season 4….it’s just crazy ridiculous how many years have gone by. I’m 19 now…whoa, I was 13 when we first started going…



So once again, just me and my mom were attending the concert in Houston, this time at the Reliant Stadium.


We arrived at the venue at 3:30pm, because we feared we would get lost on the confusing roads of Houston.


So we get there, we park on one side of the arena, which was where the tour buses were parked. So I get out of the car, and I notice some people are out by the buses and they’re taking photos.


As I kinda skip of to the buses (I realized that if people are taking photos-that must mean some Idol is there!) I finally see that Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone are out! And they were tossing around a football with some people!


Now, I was shocked. I’ve never met Idols BEFORE the show…and I always thought they came out early in the afternoon…and I was never able to get to the venue super early (plus, it’s just so hot…you can only stand to be in the heat for so long!) so I usually just waited to meet them after the show. So I was definitely not prepared to meet any Idols at that moment, haha.


Now, Paul was one of my main faves this season, so I was very excited to see him. A group of girls were basically surrounding him as I walked closer. They were talking about Nikki Reed, and I decided to ask him if they’d set a wedding date yet, and Paul said that they have, but they aren’t telling anyone. Haha.


So then, after the group of girls were kinda done talking to Paul, I asked if I could take a photo with him and he was just like “of course!” And oh man, his teeth are even whiter in person!


I also realized that I should have Stefano and Paul autograph the poster I had to…I just thought I wasn’t going to meet anyone till after the show! So Stefano was walking by and I just screamed out “Stefano! Can you sign my poster?” and he came by and signed it. Then my mom asked Paul to sign the poster, and as he was doing so, my mom asked him if he’d seen Kendra lately and that she liked the video of them singing together. And Paul was like “Oh, you enjoyed that, huh?” kind of thing. So cute!


So then security shoos everyone away, and tells us we’re supposed to park on the other side of the venue. Pfft. Not cool. So we go park on the other side, then walk back over to the side that the tour buses are on, but now they have blocked off that side from people going over there. There were barricades set up, and 3 people were waiting there to see if any other Idols would come out and come over or anything. And they had come all the way from Mexico just to see the concert! They were so nice.


As we were waiting there, we saw on the Idol minor moms! (Scotty’s mom, Lauren’s mon, and Thia’s mom!) They were kinda waiting around, and then suddenly this taxi pulled up and they all hopped in it! haha it was funny to see!


There was also this extremely mean/rude security guard standing by the barricades. The heat must’ve been getting to him or something. My mom tried to ask him about stuff, like if he went to the Houston Dog Show which was next door, and he was all like “WHY WOULD I?” Meanie.


So eventually, we decide to walk back to the other side of the venue (the side we’re supposed to be on and the side that has the entrance). Turns out, people with meet and greet passes were gathering over there. The guy was explaining what was going to happen and all that. So our new friends from Mexico ended up going over there and got meet and greet passes!


Anyways, so we’re just hanging out outside the venue now, meeting all these people that are about to meet the Idols. Coca cola ended up having this “swelter stopper” bubble thing, so we went into that, and it was sooo niceee and colddd! Definitely a nice break from the awful heat. My mom and I got a free cup of coke and got our picture taken in front of a polar bear. It was just glorious.


Then after that, we continued to hang around and watched people walk into the meet and greets (We basically stood there looking all envious, and then got all mad when people came out and basically, did not look happy/super excited that they just met the idols…I certainly would’ve had a ridiculous smile on my face if I did!)


We also saw this limo pull up, and this woman and a group of girls stepped out of it. My mom thought the woman looked familiar…and then finally realized that she looked like Victoria Olsteen! (Joel Olsteen’s wife). We’re pretty sure it was her, haha.


Then one of the local radio stations (104.1 KRBE) set up a booth and they had this wheel for people to spin and win a prize. And their prizes were all out on the table and they had a lot of nifty Idol merch, as well as KRBE stuff. So I spin the wheel, and out of all the spaces to land on, I land on “sorry, nice try”. They gave me a lame KRBE bracelet as a pity prize. Then my mom goes to spin it….AND SHE LANDS ON THE SAME SPACE. SO LAME. So we got another pity prize of the lame KRBE bracelet. We went back later and asked if we could spin again, because we really wanted the Idol stuff, BUT NO. They wouldn’t let us.


They also were giving people temporary Idol tattoos. I went to get one, and it refused to stick. LAMEEE.


Anyways, we met lots of cool Idol fans as we continued to wait for the doors to open. Basically, everyone that came, came from out of town lol. One girl came from San Antonio, another from Austin and they had the VIP passes. They were both very sweet! We also met another group of girls…one of them had a brother who went to college with Paul McDonald apparently! haha And one made this huge sign for Scotty, saying “I love you this big”. They were fun.


Then this random girl comes up to me, and gets me to install this app, because if I did stuff on it, I could get enough points to get an American Idol cup for free inside the venue.


SO OF COURSE I DID THAT. I love my Idol merch!


Finally lines started for the doors, and man, the line was huge! Luckily, we scurried ahead to the front.


Doors finally opened at 6pm. We got stuck in the slow line…there was some kind of problem with someone’s tickets who was a few people ahead of us…boo.


Finally we got it! And we ran to the merch table! Had to beat the crowd, of course…so I tell the merch woman that I want the photos of Pia, Paul & Haley. She gives me this confused look and tells me that she doesn’t know who is who. I have to give her the numbers that label the photos. WHAT THE HECK. THIS WOMAN…DOES NOT WATCH THE #1 SHOW IN AMERICA?! Brain does not comprehend this. You’d think you’d study up on this and be prepared and stuff…*sigh* oh well I guess…I also bought a tshirt, a program, and a keychain! J


Then I was able to get my free American Idol coca-cola cup! The cup is spiffin’. I love it.


We grab some food, use the awful bathrooms, and finally head off to find our seats. Now our seats were on the floor in section F. The signs for the different sections were confusing…so we sat down in what we thought were our seats. Then we sit there a bit unhappy with our seats because we were so far back…we’ve spoiled ourselves by getting pretty good seats in past seasons.


My mom ends up leaving to go back and get another keychain at the merch table. So I’m sitting there, (accidentally drop my camera at one point)…and I realize that it looks like there’s 2 sections in front of our section…where they only should be one.


So I ask one of the venue people, and I discover that we were in the wrong seats. We were supposed to be ONE WHOLE SECTION CLOSER. Thank goodness they were closer…they were much better seats. I call my mom and inform her of this change and she returns and all is well and happy.


Then they start showing Idol music videos! They showed Adam’s “If I Had You,” David Cook’s “The Last Goodbye,” and Carrie’s “Undo It.” So of course, my mom and I sit there singing along and stuff. Meanwhile, this old woman sits in the row in front of us…and started eyeing us suspiciously…


My mom ends up overhearing her talk about how this old woman had front row seats, but they were “too close” (what the heck). So she got this new seat instead…and later on made a comment about hoping she’ll be able to hear the Idols sing or something, which my mom and I assumed was a dig at us singing along with the Idol vids.


Anyways, the show FINALLY BEGINS! Like 10 minutes late. lol.


AND MY CAMERA DECIDES NOT TO WORK…probably because I accidentally dropped it earlier. Thank goodness we happened to bring my dad’s camera too as a backup…but the incident still left me frazzled, because I like my camera better.


Anyways-now quick comments about all the numbers! There were just so many songs!


  • The Girls – “Born This Way” : fun, great opening number!
  • Pia Toscano – Empire State of Mind: Pia sounded great of course, but it almost felt sorta like a downer-like the crowd lost energy with this song.
  • Pia Toscano and Stefano Langone – “California King Bed”: LOVED THISSS!
  • Paul McDonald – Maggie May: Paul really got the crowd going again with this! He was crazy dancing all over the place, it was wonderful!
  • Thia Megia – “Who Says”: Liked her much better than on Idol
  • Pia, Thia, Haley & Naima – “Tightrope”: awesome.
  • Stefano Langone – “Grenade”: great! I liked Stefano better than when he was on Idol too.
  • Stefano Langone and the Girls doing “DJ Got Us Falling In Love.”: Fun!
  • Guys w/o Scotty- “Animal” by Neon Trees: another fun, great number! the guys seemed to have a lot of fun with it.
  • Naima Adedapo – “On The Floor”: sounded great and her dance moves-WHOA AWESOME. I was amazed she could dance and sing and all that.
  • Pia Toscano – “This Time”: I love Pia and I like this song, but she does indeed need to work more on working the crowd, but she’s improving!
  • Lauren, Pia and Thia – “Firework”: cute! I did not care for Thia’s dress however…
  • Casey Abrams – “Smooth” SO AWESOME.
  • Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart – Moanin: UBER AWESOME.
  • Casey Abrams – Harder to Breath: Casey was just amazing.
  • Group Number – “Forget You” – Minus Scotty: This was such a fun group number! I love how they all accept the cheesiness of it all…definitely makes it much more enjoyable and totally fun to watch. I loved their red suits!
  • Lauren Alaina – “Flat on the Floor”: Lauren sounded a little…like not as great/unique as she was on Idol, but she was having having problems with her in-ears…so there probably was some technical issue going on.
  • Lauren Alaina – “Like My Mother Does” sweet
  • Lauren, Haley, Thia, and Stefano – “If I Die Young”: I thought this was her best number! I loved the whole other Idols doing backup thing
  • James Durbin – “Sweet Child o’ Mine”: really got the crowd all excited! I also loved being one of the few people who knew to look for him to come from the back of the arena…sadly, he did not come down the aisle we were by
  • James Durbin – “Uprising”: I felt at times that the microphone/speaker system just could not handle James’s high notes…causing it to sound a bit distorted when he went high, but it wasn’t bas. James still sounded good!
  • Jacob Lusk – “Never Too Much” thank goodness Jacob toned it all down for tour…he was much more pleasant to listen to
  • Jacob Lusk with Pia, Naima and Stefano – “You’re All I Need To Get By”: Jacob was definitely better than on Idol.
  • Haley Reinhart – “House of the Rising Sun”: AMAZINGNESS. Crowd went crazy for her!
  • Haley Reinhart – “Bennie and the Jets”” AWESOMENESS.

Oh the Idol winner montage…was totally amazing. I am a total sucker for them…I’m pretty sure I ever teared up watching it. Loved it.

  • Scotty McCreery – “Your Man”: The crowd was definitely made up of mostly Scotty fans…they went wild.
  • Scotty McCreery – “Are You Going to Kiss Me Or Not” sounded great!
  • Scotty McCreery – “I Love You This Big” everyone was holding their arms open wide for this one, including myself
  • Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina – “When You Say Nothing At All” Lauren seemed to be more  wanting to make this actually a duet-she kept looking at Scotty and stuff but Scotty just kept looking out to the crowd. haha but they still sounded great together.
  • Scotty McCreery with Lauren, Thia, Pia and Haley – “Gone”: great way for him to end his set! very energetic!
  • Entire Group: Medley James & Lauren – “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake, Paul, Haley & Casey join with “Faithfully” by Journey, Stefano & Naima Adedapo join with “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith, Thia & Jacob join and everyone sings “Any Way You Want It/ Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin” by Journey: Oh group numbers…how I love thee.


And then the show ended. Sadness.

Cue me scurrying off to find out where the Idols would be coming out to meet the fans.

So before the show, there were 2 spots where I saw barricades…and they were on opposite sides of the venue.

I run to the barricades I thought would most likely be the right ones, and they weren’t even set up like correctly.  and then I see this line of people and did not understand what that was all about. My mom finally catches up and suggests I check the other barricades, and she’ll wait there.

so BAM! I run to the other side of the venue, and I see a small group of people waiting to the meet the Idols. So then I was like “ok I guess this is it then.” And then my mom calls my phone, and she’s screaming “COME BACK COME BACK IT’S OVER HERE. WE GOT MOVED INSIDE!” and I was like whaaaat?!

So I run faster than I ever have in my entire life back to the other side of the venue (I was totally dying). And it turns out that this huge line of barricades were INDOORS in this area of the arena…whoa, never before have I been indoors with air conditioning to meet Idols before. Usually we all stand out, sweat, and die in the heat. This was so nice!

Anyways, a TON of people were up against the barricades, and luckily my mom snagged us a spot.

So we’re just waiting around, and once again we meet some more awesome people who are waiting next to us. We had a great time talking to them.

Meanwhile, this one woman was slowly budging her way in next to me, gradually pushing me and my mom like…out of our spot. RIDICULOUS! And then she had the nerve to ask if she could borrow one of our sharpies! BAHH.

So after waiting for about a half hour, the idols finally came out! I made sure to tell all of them they were great that night…so a few notes about some experiences with them…


Naima-told her that I loved her dance moves, and she asked us if we were all dancing with her! haha she was so nice!

Lauren-SO SWEET! And she looked skinnier! So when she was signing my poster, I asked her if her foot was feeling better and she was like “yes it is! thanks for asking!” and then after she took some pics with people, she asked if I wanted a pic with her, and I said “sure!” so I was trying to hand my camera to my mom, and Lauren was just like “here! I’ll take it!” So she snatches away my camera, and snaps a picture of us…she was so cute! Then our new idol friend who we just met, gave her a bracelet and Lauren had my friend put it on her wrist. Lauren was so cute and fun. Everytime she ran into another Idol while walking along the line, she would scream their name and hop up and down lol.

Jacob-very nice in person! seemed a bit tired, which is understandable

Thia-so small in person! and very sweet

Scotty-while Scotty was autographing a boot or something, I decided to ask Scotty if he found out what he got on that AP English exam yet and he was like “you know what, I haven’t! I better make a call to somebody about that!” haha it was funny. Scotty was very sweet

Casey-ah, so funny! he autographed my poster, and drew a weird little smiley face on his face on my poster

Haley-so sweet! and she looked so tiny! She thanked us all so much for coming out to the show and everything. Took a pic with her!

Pia-also so sweet! I thanked her for coming out, and she didn’t hear me and was like “What was that?” and so I repeated myself, and she was like “of course” or something like that. Took a pic with her too!

Stefano ended up coming out really late, and was not able to get to everybody. He tried to keep going, but was forced to leave and he seemed so upset to have to leave!

Paul and James didn’t come out at the end…thank goodness I met Paul earlier! And Lauren said that James wasn’t feeling well…it would’ve been nice to meet him, but oh well!

And that was the end to my epic Idol night! It was AMAZING!!



Wow. July 3rd, 2010 was one of the most amazing days of my life. And it was just like FULL of Kris Allen. I first got to see him at the private radio concert and then at the concert that night. Total awesomeness.

But let’s start with some background info first…

Ok, so back in the beginning of June when the Galveston concert was announced, I was like “OH MY GOODNESS! MOM!! WE HAVE TO GO!!” My mom then told me we couldn’t. She said she was probably going to have to work the day of the concert and then we’d have to drive all the way out to Galveston (it’s about an hour and half away from us) and she just didn’t think she’d be able to do it, plus she was a bit concerned about ticket prices (we spent so much money on Idol tour tickets for this year). I’m only 18, so I wasn’t going to drive by myself. So I was very saddened and a bit upset with my mom. Because she’s a total Idol fan too, and this was kinda like the first time she had said no to go see an Idol!

Anyways, so the radio station, 104.1 KRBE, keeps giving away tickets. So I decide, ok I’m just going to try and win some tickets. Well, on June 7th, I’m caller 104-I won the tickets. TOTAL FREAKOUT!! I was soo excited! It was like YESS I CAN GO SEE KRIS NOWWW!!! I told my mom and she was like “Well I guess we’re going now!” Lol.

So I go to the radio station and pick my tickets. I see the tickets and they’re stupid lawn seats! I thought they were going to be awesome and give me like seats near the front or something….BUT NO. HORRIBLE SEATS INSTEAD. And I had seen David Cook last year at Moody Gardens, and I saw all the lawn seat people in the far back. I was just like “Well, Kris is going to be like this tiny speck, BUT AT LEAST I GET TO GO NOW!” So it was disappointing, but I was still very glad to at least have tickets!

Then a few days later, another radio station, Mix 96.5, announces that Kris Allen is coming to their Mix Live Lounge. ANOTHER FREAKOUT. I had won last year for the David Cook Mix Live Lounge, and that was an amazinggg experience. So I was like…I GOTTA GO SEE KRIS NOW! I GOTTA WIN THIS! Well, you could either win by phone or online. Online, you had to like get points and put in as many entries as you wanted. So every day since I found out, I was trying to get points and put in entries! (Grand Total of Entries: 136 LOL). I also tried winning by phone, but no, that didn’t go well. I always got a number, but never the number they wanted. June 30th, the last day to put in entries, comes and at midnight, I received an email saying I won passes to the Mix Live Lounge. I think I almost burst with happiness!

Now, bit of problem time: A guest could come with me, and my mom, the one who has always been with me when meeting Idols and has always loved doing so, still has to work so she can’t go. So now I have to find someone to go with me. Most of my friends kinda like Kris, but are kinda more Team Adam lol. Plus, they’re all casual fans and I’m a firm believer that people that go to these things need to be BIG FANS! Not like, someone who just knows one of the artist’s songs. So there was one Kris Allen fan in the area that I talked to online and knew was a Kris fanatic, which was Jordyn (She’s jordynbrianne on twitter, and I believe kradamgasm on other sites). So she went ballistic when I asked her, so of course she wanted to go 

So my July 3rd day of Kris Allen was all made possible by radio stations!

July 3rd arrives…Totally could not sleep the night before. I would start thinking about what I’d do and say and then I’d just SQUEEEE like crazy and I just couldn’t sleep. Anyways, Mix 96.5 told me to arrive no later than 10:45AM. I decide to get there at about 8:30AM because I wanted to get there first to get in line and get front row seats! So I got there and met Jordyn for the first time  Then we had to find somewhere to park my car. I go to the parking garage right next to the building, and the stupid machine wouldn’t give me a ticket to go and park. So I drive around like crazy, have to call my mom and be all like I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DOOO! So I ended up parking at this movie theater garage across the street! Then we go to the elevator to go down to the first floor to go cross the street to the bulding, only to realize I forgot to lock my car. I WAS FEELING SOO FLUSTERED THAT MORNING ;) We go back to my car, and I see that I forgot my phone too. lol thank goodness we went back!

FINALLY we go cross the street to the building. PROBLEM: For some reason, the doors are locked. WHAT THE HECK! So we decide to walk into their parking garage to see if there’s another door to go into.

We’re walking around the garage, when suddenly, this voice comes out of nowhere! And it’s saying like “HELLO? CAN I HELP YOU? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHERE ARE YOU GOING?” We had no idea where the voice was coming from. We’re just looking around everywhere, and we see the cameras and we finally find the intercom thing. So it was security asking us what were doing lol, and he tells us to go to these set of doors.

We go through the doors, AND THE VOICE FOLLOWS US! There are elevators and the voice tells us to go in the elevator, and go to floor G6. So we push the button, and it appears the elevator isn’t even working! Lol but it eventually lights up and we go up.

We arrive at the floor and see 2 security people there. They ask us about what we’re doing there and we’re just like WE’RE HERE FOR A RADIO CONCERT! and they’re like “Well what time is this taking place?” and I was like “I was told to check-in no later than 10:45.” The one guy is like “…It’s 8:45.” He said it in a way that he was like ARE YOU GUYS IDIOTS OR SOMETHING AND DON’T REALIZE THAT IT IS NOT 10:45 YET. Yeah, I’m pretty sure he thought we were nuts. So I sign in, and then they were like “Well I guess you can go sit over there…” and points to these three seats off to the side. And we’re just like OKAY YAY.

So we talk Kris stuff and an hour goes by…These 2 girls arrive, and it looks like they’re there for the concert.

5 MINUTES LATER…a woman from the radio station arrives to take us to their radio station area. So the group of go in the elevator. The woman asks us all what time we got there. The 2 girls we’re like “We got here 5 minutes ago.” Then me and Jordyn are like “We got here an hour ago!” And the woman was just like, “Well, for next time, just come an hour before.” And I was just like, “Well, we’re crazy and have to be here early for these things!” Haha.

So she takes us up to the station, and there’s this line of benches which is where we line up…and THE 2 GIRLS GO AND SIT DOWN FIRST AT THE FRONT OF THE LINE. I was about ready to have a fit…it was like WE WERE HERE FOR AN HOUR. YOU WERE ONLY HERE FOR 5 MINUTES! So right before I’m like to shoot daggers at them with my eyes, the one girl is like “Oh! You guys should sit here since you were here first!” And we were like “Oh THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thanks for understanding!” So all was good! I TOTALLY LOVE THOSE GIRLS NOW LOL. We ended up talking to them as we waited and they were super nice.

More people come in line…and there’s this door that leads to inside the lounge and people were constantly going through it, and I was always peeking in there to see if I could spot Kris-but I never saw him.

While we’re waiting, Jordyn took out her Kris doll and her mini Kris cardboard cutout LOL. She put his cardboard cutout in the hallway, and was like “LOOK EVERYBODY! KRIS IS HERE!” It was hilariousss! People came to take pics of it, haha.

Then these 2 radio station people walk in, carrying this huge order of Chick-Fil-A. We asked if it was for Kris and they said it was. LOL OH KRIS AND CHICKFILAAA!

So we’re just sitting there waiting, I start thinking about how we’re going to meet Kris, and I just start tearing up. Then a radio station woman comes and gives us our Kris Allen badges! So awesome.

The DJ hosting the event comes out and talks about how he’s been trying so hard to get a reply from Kris on twitter and he’s telling us how’s he going to ask him about it. I tried to help him out by retweeting, but Kris never replied LOL so that should help explain Kris’s “Haha I did it!” tweet ;)

So WE’RE FINALLY ALLOWED INTO THE LOUNGE. We get in there and get the front couch! and then we were like AHHHHH!! We’re sitting there waiting, and we hear him rehearsing in the other room. AHHHH!!!

Then they put the radio on…they play Daughtry’s “Life After You.” And me and Jordyn sit there and just totally sway back and forth, singing along. WE WERE THE ONLY ONES DOING SO! And there must’ve been 30-40 other people in there. Lol.

Finally, it’s time for Kris to come in. And he walks in and we gooo nuts!!! And he was so close. Just BAM! Right there in front of me  Oh it was so thrilling!!

He sang Man in the Mirror, Alright With Me, Before We Come Undone, Heartless/Gangsta’s Paradise, The Truth, and Live Like We’re Dying.

THE MOST HILARIOUS THING HAPPENED DURING BWCU! He was singing I believe the “If you say that it’s too late…” verse, and he kinda like burps, and stops singing. He kept playing, looks over at Cale as if to kinda have him sing or something-WHO KNOWS LOL and then Kris was like “CHORUS!” and comes back in at the Chorus LOL It was hilarious. Kris later revealed that apparently some chicken came up LOL.

The DJ talked to Kris in between songs, and I believe Jordyn got all his banter on video (

). It was awesome and Kris sang soo beautifully! He was definitely in fine vocal form.

And Cale was great too!!

So Kris gets off the stage and goes into another room to get ready to take pictures with everyone. The DJ talks to us about random stuff like movies and Twilight. Then we all get in line. We decide to try to be at the end of the line, so that way if they’re rushing all the people that go first, we can have more time with him!

My turn comes up. I start walking towards him. He’s sticking his hand out to like shake my hand. In my mind, I’m just like “I DON’T WANT A HANDSHAKE. I WANT A HUG!” So I just go up to him and I either said “Can I hug you?” or “Can I have a hug?” I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT I SAID LOL. And he was just like “OH OF COURSE.” So we’re hugging (BEST HUG EVER. I remember just hugging him so tight and him hugging tighly back), and I hear a photo being snapped and Kris is like “Oh, I think a photo was taken…” and then I stand to the side of him to get a real picture with him Lol. So we smile and take the pic. So then I’m kinda starting to walk away and I wanted to say more to him, so I was just like “HOW ARE YOU?” and he was like “I’m good. How are you?” and I was like “I’m good too.” Then I say “I’ll see you tonight!!” and I go be lame and I like TAP HIM ON THE SHOULDER LOL. And then I finally walked away. Sadness. No more Kris.

The radio station peeps then handed me a lovely poster that Kris had already autographed earlier. Jordyn was taking her pic with Kris and asked him what Adam got him for his Birthday, it was he was like “Nothing. Just a text.” Haha.

So then we left. We went back to my car, in which we kinda screamed and cried and just flat out fangirled over all that happened. Ahhhh.

Anyways, so I guess we shall fast forward to when we got to the concert. We got there at about 6, because we had to wait for my mom to come home from work. So we got there, and the first opening act, The 71s, had already started playing. We head to the merchandise table and I bought the black tshirt, which my mom had to wear, because it was cold in the venue!

Well, since the concert was no longer outdoors, it turned out to be awesome for us! Because our lawn seats were now seats that were along the sides, instead like in the back! So I actually had pretty decent seats. They were wayyyy better than what I was expecting. YAYYY!! So I was a total Happy Camper.

So Jordyn’s sitting with me until Kris’s set, where she will run off to go sit in first row, haha (she got awesome photos & vids!! And ended up catching Kris’s water bottle!!) and she suddenly sees Andrew sitting in the back. So she goes down there and gets a pic with him, while I guard our seats. Then she comes back, and I go find my mom. We then go over to Andrew, and I tapped him on the shoulder (I was like screaming his name, but it was really loud in there, and it turned out he was wearing ear plugs lol). So he turns around and I was like “Hi Andrew! Can I take a picture with you?” And he was like Sure! And my mom takes the photo. He then asked me what my name was and he shook my hand and my mom’s hand and thanked us for coming to the show that night. HE WAS SOOO SWEEEET!!

Then we go back to our seats. The 71s finish and then Sister Hazel plays…for like ever LOL. It was about an hour set, and I just wanted Kris already. And I’m pretty sure, out of the gazillion concerts I’ve been too, this was like the first time I ever felt an opening act was going on for forever! I mean no offense to them, the lead singer had a unique voice and they were really talented but I JUST WANTED KRIS.

So their set ends, and it’s almost 9PM now. Soon I see some people rushing over to the railing on the side…so I decide to go over there (crawling over some people in the process…) and THERE’S THE WHOLE KRIS ALLEN BAND, WAITING TO COME UP ON STAGE (Justin Gaston was there too). And we’re all taking pics and they’re just standing there all chill, acting as if nothing is going on. I think I saw Kris dancing a little bit to the music that was playing.

Then the KAB goes on stage, start playing Can’t Stay Away, and then Kris comes out-crowd goes wild!!

I then go back to seat-crawling over the same people-I might’ve made them mad-I apologized to them, but oh sheesh, I can be so crazy some times.

CONCERT WAS FANTABULOUS!! The last time I saw Kris was back in March in San Antonio at Six Flags, and they definitely have gotten better over the last few months! I mean, they were awesome then, but now, they’re like INCREDIBLE! They just all gel together so well, and the way Kris really changes it up now (does some songs without guitar, did keyboard, and kept changing guitars!) and Kris really worked the stage. IT WAS AMAZINGGG! I had a blast screaming my head off for him.

When he was singing BWCU, he came on the side of the stage that I was close to, and I’M PRETTY SURE HE SMILED RIGHT TO ME. I think he saw me, and remembered meeting me earlier in the day because his smile was like a smile of recognition! And my mom thought so too. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!

It was so exciting to hear Kris sing God Bless the USA. It was just an AWW moment and of course, that’s a good song for Texas people, because of the Texas mentions, with “Across the plains of Texas” and then “From Detroit down to Houston”-which he changed to Galveston, haha even though I bet most of us were from Houston anyway.

Some banter of Kris’s…let’s see if I can remember. Before Man in the Mirror, he talked about how it was the first song he sang on Idol and he got a huge list of songs and he went through, didn’t find one he wanted to sing, so he had to pick one on his own. He decided to look to his musical inspiration, MJ, and picked MITM.

Then, at one point he asked if anyone went to the Sclitterbahn waterpark that was next to the venue. Everyone was kinda like Nooo. And he was just like “Well, I know it was raining, but when you go to a waterpark, you get wet anyway.” LOL and then I think someone asked him if he went and he was like “No….Because it was raining.” LOL OH KRISSSSS.

That’s all I can remember him talking about.

EVERYTHING WAS AWESOME. The only problem I had, was this group of girls in the row in front of me-they knew all of his songs from his album and were singing along WHICH WAS AWESOMEEEE! I was happy to see that. But if he was doing a cover or something, they’d start talking to each other and it was like Heyyyy I’M TRYING TO LISTEN TO KRIS! Like, during Heartless/GP, they started flipping out when he started the GP part. They were like WHAT ISSS THISSS?!?! and they talked throughout “Maybe.” So I was a tad annoyed, but OH WELL.

Anyways, that was basically the end of my TOTALLY AWESOME KRIS ALLEN DAY. I didn’t stay after to see him at the bus or anything-I mean we went over to the mob by the bus because people were screaming, but then we left. We didn’t even stay for those fireworks the venue kept talking about LOL. I was a bit sad there was no encore, but oh well, what can you do.

Anyways, had the most amazing day ever thanks to radio stations!!

Sorry for such a long recap! Kudos to everyone that read this! Haha

My Kris Allen Adventure!


Well, on Friday March 19th, was the day that Kris Allen was performing at Six Flags in San Antonio. We decided to go even though it would be a 3 hour drive!


We had planned to leave the house at 8:30AM…of course we didn’t leave till was like 9:15!

Flash Forward to Noon: SIX FLAGS IS IN SIGHT! We take the exit to go there…and there’s a bit of traffic. And we’re going to turn onto the street to get into Six Flags-but for some reason-WHO THE HECK KNOWS WHY-the street was blocked off with cones! And we were just like WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!? We didn’t know where to go, so we just decided to keep going straight, turn around, get back on the freeway, and get off the exit on the other side so we could actually get into the park! Then this car almost stalled out in front of us…it was crazy. So all of this took like an additional hour.


So we’re finally in the park at 1PM..when we thought we’d be there at like noon!


So we’re inside-now it’s time to get tickets to the concert! We go into one of the gift shops to ask someone where they are selling the tickets. They tell us at Hospitality. So we go to Hospitality and we wait in line for a really long time. These people had all these issues they needed to deal with…it was crazy. So we’re waiting there, and a woman walks in and asks the guy behind the counter if this is where they are giving out the concert tickets. And he was like No, they’re giving them out next door. Me and my mom were like WHAT?! WE’VE BEEN WAITING HERE FOR NOTHING?! So we scurry off to next door, and there’s 2 dudes just sitting there with a stack of tickets to give out. So after finally getting our tickets, I was a happy camper.


At around 3:30PM, we were heading towards the train station which was near the place where Kris was going to perform, and I heard a little bit of this voice and some music playing. At first I thought it was Kris, but I shrugged off, thinking it was just my imagination and that I was just too excited about seeing him.


We’re waiting for the train, and there’s an announcement that the train is having issues. So we decide to leave…and as we’re walking down this stairs, I suddenly hear the chorus of “Before We Come Undone” and I know I wasn’t imagining it! I immediately ran towards the entrance to the area Kris would perform and heard him rehearsing! We decided to then go to another part of the park to see if I could catch a glimpse of him.

We go around…and I do see him and the band! I was just all like AWW YAYY!!


But then…I noticed this huge line of people at a different entrance…and I was like…whoa, wait, am I supposed to be in this line? Why is there a gazillion people in line at this entrance but not at the other 2 entrances I passed? An employee then came out and asked people to take out their red tickets (or maybe it was green? Can’t remember) and I take my tickets out and mine are orange and say I can only enter either gates B or C, and this line of people were at gate A. Turns out I had lawn seats…I was extremely disappointed. I was hoping I was going to get close seats…BUT NOPE. I was very frustrated. I wanted to know how people were able to get the better tickets.


So I continued listening to Kris rehearse. He rehearsed Red Guitar, but didn’t sing it in the concert, which I was saddened about.  


I finally got in line at gate C…and some people were in line already…nobody looked like a fan of Kris Allen or OneRepublic so I was wondering what the heck they were doing line already lol…and I tried to think of ways to sneak ahead in the line…haha.


Oh something I forgot to mention-earlier, I was in line to buy pizza, and this announcement was made that Kris Allen and OneRepublic were going to be performing, and there was this little girl behind me and she was like “MOMMY! KRIS ALLEN!” and she was like “I KNOW! WE’LL HAVE TO GO GET TICKETS FOR IT!” It was so cute. I fangirled on the inside. I was all like YAY FANS!


So it’s about 5PM now and they finally opened the gate. I decided I was going to speedwalk…almost run…to get ahead and a good spot. And then a security dude yelled at me to walk lol.


So I got a spot on the lawn that was closest lawn seat you could get. My family abandoned me to go sit on the concrete-but they were sitting behind this pole thing and could barely see anything. There was no way I was going to sit with them! Haha

So I sat down in my spot…and I sat in mud. I WILL SIT IN MUD FOR KRIS ALLEN, YES.


Then my mom called out to me, saying there was a merchandise table. I got my dad to save my spot as I went to investigate…and NOPE! NO KRIS ALLEN STUFF! Very disappointing.


I went back to my seat. Saw security dudes everywhere, making sure no lawn seat people were going to go to the seating section.


I heard someone ask one of them how people got seats up there. Turns out the ticket people distributed those tickets first and once they were all gone, then began distributing the lawn tickets. I guess we just got there too late-but if it weren’t for all the crazy things that happened, I wonder if I would’ve managed to get better seats. But oh well. I was in a spot where I could see the whole band and that’s all that really mattered!


Finally the concert began and I screamed my lungs out…I felt like the loudest person there! Lol.


Kris and the whole band were absolutely wonderful! And Kris’s voice was in fine form! It was so strong and clear…it was just amazing! I’m so glad I went.

I was so excited he sang Falling Slowly…I was saddened he didn’t get to sing it on the Idols tour because I was dying to hear him sing it live and in person and now I finally did!


For “Alright with Me,” he decided to bring about 10 girls on stage…at first I was all like, oh no, he’s going to call up people that probably aren’t true fans! (I was just dying to be one of the people sitting up front!) But I ended up being very excited about…because almost on the girls he called up had ‘I <3 Kris Allen’ tshirts on! I was like YAYYY! Because they were actually people would appreciate this moment and thoroughly enjoy. People who actually deserved it! So I was very glad to see that!


Funny moment was they all had a group hug afterwards, and then they were told to leave the stage…and all of them wanted an individual hug! So cute! They wouldn’t get off the stage…but who could blame them!! J


Soon the concert was over…it felt so short!! I’m sad he didn’t get to play a longer set but he was still AWESOME!!


Then we ended up leaving…we didn’t even stay for OneRepublic! Haha My family wanted to start heading home.


And on the way home, I just fantasized about the wonderful Kris Allen, haha!! =)


Stuff David Cook talked about....

Now I’m trying to remember stuff David told us yesterday…


This little boy asked David if he got free stuff, and DC just started cracking up for some reason lol. Then eventually he did proceed to say that he got free stuff-and somehow that led to DC saying to the boy “hey-you want something for free? Take my guitar pick!” and the little boy came up to the stage and got it. It was so sweet!


Someone asked David what he thought about this year’s AI Finale and if the right guy won-DC said that “The right guy won, but if Adam had won, I would’ve also said the right guy won.”


Kt4cook got to ask a question and she asked what his most played songs on his ipod-so he called to manager Michelle in the back of the room to bring him his phone so “[he] could be accurate.” So he was just going through some of the songs he had…can’t remember who he said-and that led to the DJ asking DC what his guilty music pleasure was-to name someone he listens to that he wouldn’t want people to know-I believe someone screamed out Ryan Star-and DC laughed, saying that “no, I wouldn’t want people to know that I listen to Ryan Star!”-and then he finally said his guilty pleasure is Phil Collins even though that’s not really a guilty pleasure…and then he was like YOU GUYS NEED TO HEAR THIS ONE PHIL COLLINS SONG! IT’S HILARIOUS BECAUSE THIS RANDOM GUY THAT ISN’T PHIL COLLINS STARTS SINGING. So he put his phone up to the microphone and played it…we were listening for a quite a bit…and he was like “it’s coming up!” And then we heard it-lol-it was funny.


One girl, who started to cry, told him that his music got her through some hardships in her life and was wondering if there were any certain artists that he turns to when he’s going through something difficult…I believe he mentioned Sarah McLachclan…then he told us this story about how he was in 6th grade and he dated a 7th grade girl for about a week but she dumped him…and everyone was like AWWW! And he was like “well, how could she have known?!” and then we all were laughing and he said he couldn’t believe he just said that. Then he said that there’s this song he heard after the breakup happened and that he always thinks of that when he hears that song (I forgot the title…he said so much! Haha)


Then somehow he was talking about how we shouldn’t believe everything we read on the internet. He was talking about how his grandma read something online about him and asked him about it and he was like “no, grandma-I’m right here!” or something like that. Then he said that on the last day he worked with Rob Cavallo on the album, he went on to his wikipedia page, and put that Rob has written 2 cookbooks—which is not true!! Lol CRAZY DAVID!


He had put his phone in his back pocket and at some point he told us “I just got a text message from his phone/his butt”-something like that.


Someone asked him about starting his own foundation and he said that it will probably be in conjunction with abc squared.


He talked about the judges-he said that after this year’s finale, he saw Simon and DC calls him “Mr. Cowell” and Simon told him to call him Simon, but DC refuses to.


The DJ did a word association thing with him-where she said something and he’d say a word back. She said “Paula” and he said “quirky,” she then said “Randy” and he said “Dawg.” When she mentioned Ryan, DC said something about how if Ryan wasn’t working all the time that he’d be the kind of guy he’d like to hang out with.


The topic of Michael Jackson came up and of course “Billie Jean”. (while he was talking about it, someone yelled up at him to sing it lol). The DJ was asking if he sang it in any of his concerts after his death. He mentioned he had that moment of silence the first night and then sang it the 2nd night. And then he mentioned how on the AI Finale when he sang TWIK and told Simon that about why do something you’ve already done before. And he’s already sang it something like 56 times on the tour all last summer. So basically telling us that he is done with that song.


And I believe that is all I remember at the moment…I might remember something later to add. 



Meeting David Cook-July 6th, 2009


Well, let me just start off by saying that never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be able to meet David Cook. Or at least, I never thought I’d meet him so soon. I thought I was going to have to wait...a while before it happened.  


But it did happen-thanks to Mix 96.5 KHMX in Houston!!! <-major love to them.


I found out I won the contest online on Friday night and I’ve been ecstatic ever since.


So fast forward to today-a.k.a. the best day of my life.


So today, I woke up at about 6:45. I got like less than 5 hours of sleep lol because of the concert last night. Plus the whole weekend I couldn’t get much sleep because I kept thinking about meeting David whenever I’d try to sleep!! Haha I was going bonkers. Lost so much sleep because of this man!!


Anyways, so I get ready and stuff and me and my mom left around 8AM. We weren’t sure if other people were going to getting to this place early or if we were going to run into traffic or anything (we live about 45 minutes away from the radio station).


Well on Sunday morning, we realized we should get David a little gift! So we bought him a Houston postcard and Houston magnets. Then we thought we should get Dublin a little something!


So today, we went to Target to try to find something for him-but they didn’t have that great of a selection. Then, I realized that I ate and drank absolutely nothing before I left this morning-so I bought a drink and some poptarts, lol.


Then we headed over to WalMart to see what kind of selection they had for dog toys-and we found Dublin this little weird monster looking thing that squeaks! So we bought that and put it in a gift bag for DC.


So then we finally got to the building where the radio station was located. We went in up to the 19th floor and were told to form a line down this hallway. We were the first ones there!!! It was exciting…and we were 2 hours earlier than the time the radio station said to be there by, haha.


So a few minutes later, 2 girls joined the line. Then we were waiting for a while as people kept walking through this door-the door that would eventually lead us to David! Haha. Then these Radio DJs were joking around with us, telling us that David’s little concert thing was canceled or that one of them was actually David Cook and that we should be asking him for autographs lol.

MORE WAITING-the line gets hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Then finally, the radio people started handing out the lanyards with the David Cook badge. When I put it on, somehow I started feeling all powerful, you know? Like OMG! I HAVE THIS PASS TO GO SEE DAVID COOK! I took a picture with it on lol…as was everyone else. It was just a wonderful feeling.


So they finished that-and then later another DJ-Michelle-comes out and tells us that David is soundchecking and we should be let in in about 10 minutes.




This dude pops his head around the door and was like “You guys ready?” and me and my mom screamed our heads off. Then they opened the door and I was the first to walk in…ahhh! It was also a bit awkward too-I didn’t know where I was going lol.


The radio station ended up buying us pizza for lunch so we got to go grab a slice and a drink too. So as I was doing this, I realized people were already going into the lounge! So I hurried inside and grabbed front row seats for me and my mom. We weren’t in the center-just a little over to the right (if you’re facing the stage).


So we’re sitting there and eating and stuff. Michelle comes back because she’s going to host this awesome shindig! Me and my mom kind of screamed insanely and she commented on us-lol.


Then it was time for David Cook to come through the door (which had now been closed). I noticed the door was starting to open-so I said aloud-OMG! THE DOOR IS OPENING! THE DOOR IS OPENING! Then me and my mom and these 2 ladies next to us started screaming. Michelle then announced David’s name and in came Neal…then we were waiting for David to finally walk in-he was trying to fool us!


So he comes up on stage and mentions how he was waiting outside the door and heard these people over here (he pointed over to us) saying “OMG THE DOOR IS OPENING” and a “whoooo” that gradually becomes louder and told us that in Kansas City, that is what a tornado alert is like LOL.


 So he performed “Come Back To Me,” “Souvenir,” and “Mr. Sensitive.”-which I assume you guys all heard on the cell cast? So since I think you guys all heard that…I’ll just tell you some random tidbits.


Michelle called on people to ask David questions-I tried to get to ask him one. When David was answering a question, Michelle looked over at me and my mom and gave us a sign that she would have us ask next, but then David wanted to get some questions from the people in the back. *Sigh* oh well, if that’s what David wanted, then he should get what he wants lol.


A few people got emotional asking their questions-which then made me emotional, haha.


It was just so hard to believe I was so close to him!


Somehow we got around to talking about what he had for lunch at Burger King-because earlier, the DJs told us that that was where he went before he came here. He was saying that he got a “chicken sandwich, light on the lettuce” in which my mom screamed out “AND NO MUSTARD!” Then David was like “Yep-no mustard! Someone’s paying attention!”


And then, it was either the question about if he got free gifts or what was the weirdest gift he ever got from a fan, that me and my mom pointed to the gift bag we got him-and he saw it! And mentioned something about there being a gift bag right there.


When he talked about his Dad being at the Baton Rouge show, my mom started “awwing” and he made some sort of comment about that lol. The radio station better be putting up video of this soon!


AHHHHH….hmm what else…so much happened and it felt like such a dream. It was quite a blissful experience.


It was time for him to leave the stage and he was starting to walk off, so I was stretching out my hand with the gift bag, hoping he’d see it and grab it. Then I started yelling his name-almost fiercely lol because he didn’t seem to notice. But right before he walked out the door, he turned around and saw it! So he reached out his hand and my mom and I then reached out and handed it to him J


Then it was picture/meeting him time! The photos had to group shots because David didn’t have a lot of time. So they were in groups of 4-they started with the back row and went through all the rows.


So I was the first person of my group to go up to David. I just remember kind of walking very fast towards him and he was just smiling at me…ahh it was wonderful! I’m pretty sure I smiled back and was beginning to tear up. Then I just pulled him into a hug.


And then I think I just like…I DON’T KNOW. I didn’t even like realize what was going on around me. All that mattered was me and David LOL. My mom came up next and she hugged him and we’re trying to tell him we love him and that he’s amazing…meanwhile, I’m still touching him. I refused to let go of him, apparently LOL. I was touching his lower back the whole time. I think I even started rubbing his back at one point…SUBCONSCIOUSLY! I remember I did that too when I met Michael Johns…I don’t understand myself sometimes.


So the other half of the group came up to him-It was a guy and a girl. He shook the guy’s hand and hugged the girl…AND I WAS STILL TOUCHING HIM.


Then it was picture time-and then I really began to cry. I think I was just in shock and this whole thing was trying to sink in. I just couldn’t believe it all.


They snapped the picture and I just cried. Then we had to leave the oh so wonderful David Cook…my mom asked him how Dublin was and David said that he was good and that the other day, a fan asked him if they could clean up his poop and keep it as a souvenir. Meanwhile, this other dude looked as if he was about to yell at my mom to leave already lol because the other people were coming in to take their picture. But David likes to talk and elaborate!!


We yelled goodbye, and then as we left, radio people handed us autographed DC posters-which he signed before the show.


So then we left…I cried the whole ride down the elevator and the whole way home. I was just so happy…=) I had to miss my first day of a summer school course for this, but it was totally worth it!!!

Some pics:

You can see all of my David Cook pics from this and the concert at my facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/album.php?aid=128921&id=548617626&ref=nf

I hope that link works.

Ok let's update!

It has come to my attention that I have not updated my LJ since my Birthday, thanks to Miss Layla for getting a LJ! If she hadn't posted that she'd gotten one, I would've never logged on and thought "hmm, maybe I should update."

But here I am!

Let's see...what is new? Right now I'm listening to Kelly Clarkson's new CD "All I Ever Wanted" and it's pretty awesomeeee.

I am finally on Spring Break! YAYY! And I don't really have any plans on what to do during this break...except to organize my CDs, watch a lot of movies, finish watching the final season of I Dream of Jeannie and hang out with my friends sometime.

So yeah, nothing's really going on. I might start reading "The Shack" and read some cheesy books and of course, some fanfiction! =)

Since I have nothing really to say, I'll take some of LJ's writer's block question thingies and answer them...because I'm a bit bored, haha.

1) What's the best compliment you've ever received?
Well, I remember this one time I received a review reply on FF.Net...and the author said something about my heart being made of gold...or something like if I were gold, there would be an infinite amount. I don't remember the exact words (and it does not help that this compliment was received on a now inaccessible email!)

2) Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?
TALKING ON THE PHONE! Texting sometimes annoys me and I find it much more difficult for me to do...so maybe I'm so pro-talking because I suck at typing on cell phones...ahh and talking allows me to say more, express more, and just rattle my mouth off! haha. Plus you have more exciting and thrilling conversations to make you laugh.

3) You're packing your bag for that magical desert island that happens to have electricity, a TV, and a DVD player—what five DVDs do you take with you?
OH DEARRR...toughie.
1. Star Wars-Episode V-The Empire Strikes Back
2. Star Wars-Episode VI-Return of the Jedi
3. Star Wars-Episode III-Revenge of the Sith
4. Pirates of the Caribbean-Curse of the Black Pearl
5. The Music Man

4) You're packing your bag for that other desert island—the one with no electricity—what 5 books do you take with you?
1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (J.K. Rowling)
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (J.K. Rowling)
3. Learning to Sing: Hearing the Music in Your Life (Clay Aiken)
4. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)
5. Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier)

5) What's the story behind your username?
Alright-LET'S INFORM THE WHOLE WORLD OF THIS STORY-it all started one day, when I was I in 9th grade and I was wondering "hmm...if I was ever in a rock band, what would I call it?" So 'martini' was and still is one of my favorite words...so I was like OK THAT MUST BE IN THE NAME...NOW I JSUT NEED AN ADJECTIVE...So first it was 'pink martini' but one of my friends hated pink so that was out...then it was 'green martini'...one of my other friends said it sounded too much like Green Day...so then it was settled on blue. And now I just like to refer to myself as the blue martini sometimes and has become my username for mostly everything! hehe


So I've been told by a certain person *coughASHLEYcough* that I should post on my LJ and that I should post about my life. Oh dear. Well I'll try...I don't even know what to say though.

Friday was my Birthday and it was uber fun. I'm too tired to go into details.

Currently I'm feeling extremely sore from this stupid fitnessgram thing. So it's very painful for me to walk up the stairs.

I'm watching Becoming Jane. EEE! JAMES MCAVOY! How he makes my heart flutter!

My life's been revolving around David Cook for the most part lately. He just posted a Light On challenge asking fans to post videos of themselves singing "Light On" which is something I plan to do next weekend, haha. I have no idea how I'll change up the song though.

Ahh I'm so sleepy. I should go to bed.

First Post!

Okay, so I'm finally posting on my very own LJ! BWAHA!  And I only created this just so I could sign in to comment Maisy's (queenspuppet) livejournal! haha. I'm still a bit confused on how everything works on here...I'd be worried though if I wasn't confused, but uh, yeah-HELLO EVERYONE READING THIS!  And hopefully I will post again soon....someday...